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Kirtan Walla, Native American Flute, Tibetian Bowls, Recording Artist



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Kirtan with Bradford Smith


Kirtan is a meditative practice that engages your voice to focus on being in the present.  This Call and Response form of singing  is a bonding and joyful experience that inspires new levels of compassion, inner joy and peace.

In a Kirtan we sing primarily in Sanskrit, an ancient language of India, which helps us to loose attachment to meanings of specific words, allowing us to go deeper into the meditative and energetic vibration aspects of the practice.  Presented in an acoustic setting, Bradford and his harmonium will guide the group in the natural ambiance of our voice.

Kirtan or Call and Response singing is a fun and engaging meditative practice .  Among the benefits that the Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation published from a 12 year study include, improved memory, reduced stress, increased brain blood flow, larger brain size, healthier immune system, sounder sleep, increased levels of joy and a deeper spiritual connection.....

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